Monthly Favorites: Mine + Your Top 10 For February

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Kicking off the first day of March with a little reflection on February to share both your top 10 favorite products as well as mine. In case you missed the January top 10 blog post, I started including my faves in these posts as a way to not only share what’s most popular among you ladies, but what I loved most for the month too! And not just products, but IG accounts I’m loving, articles that resonated, etc. Kind of a fun way for me to share even more with you girls!

From a product perspective, it’s always fun to look at these numbers so I can get a better picture of what to share moving forward, and I will say, there were some surprises in February! You’ll have to see for yourself what made the list below! 😉

Your 10 Monthly Favorites For February

10. Michael Lauren ‘Vance’ Henley Tee

This henley is so comfortable and will be great for nursing. It’s not maternity but has a nice stretch to it – definitely a staple for every girls’ wardrobe.

9. Nike Air Max 270 Sneaker

These sneakers are just cool. Honestly, I’m so in love with them. I’ve been wearing them for any walks we go on and can confirm they’re just as comfortable as they are cute.

8. Free People Movement She’s Everything Shirt

I’ve been loving this top and can’t wait to wear it after baby arrives. It’s perfect with leggings or joggers for a cozy vibe but you could easily wear it with jeans too.

7. Twelve Little Water Resistant Nylon Diaper Clutch

I’m using both of these in my hospital bag to carry some of my postpartum necessities and then planning on using the animal print one after birth as a small diaper bag on short errands. Really, these bags are incredibly versatile and can be used for toiletries, in a diaper bag, or even as a bag to keep emergency necessities in your car – so many uses!

6. Container Store Cambridge 3-Section Linen Drawer Organizer

I made it my weekend project to finally finish organizing baby boy’s chest of drawers with these amazing organizers and am completely in love with them. It was a bit pricey for me to have them shipped to the UK but 100% worth it! The quality is great and they’re the perfect size for drawers.

5. Emily Oster ‘Expecting Better’

Y’all were very intrigued by this book – it was one of a handful I shared in this post about the books John and I have read to prepare for baby.

4. Robin Donovan ‘5-Ingredient Cooking For Two’

This cookbook was part of my Valentine’s Day roundup and such a fun idea I thought! John loves to cook and so I thought this would be a good idea for a couple that enjoys getting in the kitchen together.

3. Zella Mamasana Live In Maternity Ankle Leggings

Maternity leggings have been a popular topic around here the last several months, which is why I was so happy to finally share my favorite pairs with you ladies last month. This pair went over very well and is currently back in stock in a few sizes. I sized up and they’ve gotten me through most of my third trimester and are only just now starting to feel a little too snug. Although that could be the fact that literally anything tight is hard to put on with a bump this size.

2. Brixton Adult Face Mask

My go-to face mask – it’s cute, I like the material and is very breathable. It’s also currently 40% off!

1. Socialite Waffle Knit Wide Leg Jumpsuit

The fact that this jumpsuit is the best-selling item for February tells me that you guys really are my people! It’s so comfortable, has an oversized fit, is non-maternity, and great for pregnancy or as a summer staple to throw on after the beach.

My Personal Monthly Favorites

Alright, this is the new “favorites” section that I just started doing last month. I’ve really enjoyed putting this together, so let me know in the comments if you’re loving it too!

New Favorite Beauty Discovery – It’s a tie between the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm [20% off with code HALEY20; more of my Elemis faves here] and this Chantecaille lip gloss [color: Blithe]. I love that it doesn’t make your lips more ‘rosy’, as it goes on more clear and has the slightest light light pink tint. Pink makeup really isn’t my best look so I appreciate how natural it looks, which is why I wear it every day.

Favorite Binge-worthy Show – MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT AUSTRALIA: So, John and I binged Season 6. There was no stopping us. It was just so good with lots of drama. We have a streaming service where we were able to stream other seasons. We decided to watch Season 5 next as John’s mom said it was great. I cannot believe people do this but think it makes for suchhhh a good show and love when it actually does work out! I love that they don’t discriminate based on age. Literally, they try to help people of all ages find love. From what I understand, you can watch through the Lifetime app in the US! Highly recommend it, but we prepared to spend HOURS in front of the TV. I’m not proud of our couch time these days but, as I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable and will likely be spending more time at home with baby boy in the weeks to come, we found it at the perfect time!

Favorite New Clothing Purchase While I’ve gotten the most use out of this jumpsuit I’ve raved about and it probably was my favorite purchase, it’s also almost out of stock. So, my runner-up would definitely be this Free People Quilted Jacket, which I linked here as well as really budget-friendly dupe.

New Favorite Follows on Instagram

– For my pregnant / mommy followers@karrie_locher: She’s a postpartum nurse who has a wealth of knowledge to help you prep for baby during your pregnancy and with breastfeeding after they’re here. I’ve just started taking her Infant Care and Breastfeeding courses and am loving them so far. She provides them in a bundle and she was kind enough to give me a 10% off discount code for you guys if you’re interested! Enter HALEY10 at checkout!

For anyone@thedailytay: She owns her own small business, runs a blog, loves her dog, is a new momma, and posts hilarious content surrounding the silly things influencers do, promote and say. If you follow a lot of influencers, I’m sure you’ll find her hilarious. Even as an influencer, I find her hilarious hah!

Favorite New Discovery Human Design: Y’all know I love the Enneagram, right [proof here and here]? Well, I recently discovered Human Design, which is another tool that offers a map, or a manual, that outlines how you are unique as a person and helps to guide you to living in a way that is in tune with how you are designed. I love learning about myself and being more self-aware, and although this likely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I find it so interesting and intriguing which, isn’t surprising because, during my Human Design Reading that I had earlier this month, I found out that I have an ‘open head center’ so I am more of an open minded individual. There’s A LOT more to Human Design than Enneagram and a little more over my head so I relied on the knowledge of Teo Montoya to help understand my specific human design. It was really interesting and, while I am far from fully understanding my design, it was fun to even just dip my toe in it.

Favorite Birthday Present I use the black one all the time and thought the pink one would be so cute for Spring. I guess I had mentioned to John and he was so sweet to gift it to me for my birthday. I’m not big on gifts but, if I get one, I find I always appreciate if it’s something useful that I know I’ll definitely use. I’ll show you a closer look at the bag on stories today!

Favorite New Small Business My best friends’ husband, Bill, started Wick Fix, a non-toxic soy candle company that is really killing it! You’ve got to order their Citrus Agave and Sandalwood candles. The Citrus Agave gives me volcano vibes and is perfect for the living room. The Sandalwood candle is more rustic and romantic, perfect for the bedroom! They kindly gave me a code to receive a little discount at checkout: HALEYXFIX15

Favorite Realization We are on the brink of Spring: Obviously I’m excited at the thought that I could be holding my baby literally ANY DAY NOW but the last few days have been SO. SUNNY. and SO. WARM. [compared to what it has been]. After what feels like constant / consistent clouds and rain… it has made me feel like we are on the brink of Spring. Throw in the fact that our days are also longer and you can just call me the happiest girl in London. [And, yes, the UK has rubbed off on me and I talk about the weather way more than is probably normal.]

Favorite Instagram Post – I loved so so many this month but, as someone who loves and misses travel, I thought hearing about and seeing the mock-ups of the future plans for the Champs-Élysées in Paris stood out the most. It’s supposed to be the most beautiful avenue in the world but, if you’ve ever been to Paris, you know it’s so crowded with traffic and cars everywhere. I have heard that major big cities across the world are starting to think about doing something similar – like Regent Street and Oxford Street in London. I can’t imagine them without cars but could also see so much beauty in making them wide open pedestrian avenues! Anyway, I can’t wait to see this plan envisioned in real life when it’s all finished!

Favorite New Purchase for Spring I actually purchased this loose-fitting tiered paisley printed dress last year but forgot all about it. I have it in light blue [and wore it last week] and dusty pink, both of which are my favorite pops of color I love to embrace in the Spring season. They’re affordable and flattering on so many body types. It’s not maternity but worked great for the bump, especially at this late stage of pregnancy. Highly recommend!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you! February was a quick month, but lots of great products and links! Next time I share one of these with you, I’ll officially be a mom!! Happy March everyone!! xo.