The Secret To Getting Good Sleep With A Newborn

Hi there, ladies! Before you have a baby, everyone always tells you to enjoy the sleep while it lasts because you won’t be getting much of it once the baby arrives. Well, that is true. There are quite a few nights, especially in the very beginning and maybe even many more to come, where sleep is hard to come by. But, recently, I have discovered a secret – a secret to getting a good nights’ sleep with a newborn.

Wanna know the secret?

It’s simple, really. Invest in good sleepwear from Nightire. I first mentioned Nightire back in my holiday gift guide for small businesses because I had fallen in love with the holiday pajama set Nina, the owner, had come out with. As I learned more about the company, and her passion for helping women get good sleep, I came to really respect her and her mission. I mean, I love sleep. I always have. How could I not? And, really, whether you have a newborn or not, there’s nothing worse than having a horrible nights’ sleep, right? So, I really love that this small business really centers around ensuring that you at least have your pajamas fighting for you to get the best night sleep you can.

All of Nightire’s pajamas are made out of an organic bamboo material, which has so many amazing benefits that make all the difference to your sleep. It is shockingly silky smooth, lightweight, and soft against your skin but, more than that, it is breathable, sweat-wicking, and an incredibly eco-friendly fabric. It also has the ability to regulate your temperature while you sleep which is everything a brand new mom wants to hear while her hormones are trying to figure themselves out, ha! Moreover, the Summer’s here in the U.K. can be tough without air conditioning so I love that this material is truly going to be working in my favor to help me sleep.

Being that I love what Nina is doing over at Nightire and I’ve always struggled with sleep during the Summer months here in the U.K., we both thought it would be really fun to put our heads together and create a piece for you to enjoy and a nightdress just seemed to be THE most organic fit. Something girly with a cute print that had pink in it, obviously, and I thought some ruffle detailing somewhere would be cute! Anyway, without further adieu … this is the night dress and it launches TODAY!

We went with this really pretty subtle pink and white print with ruffled straps and loose-fitting silhouette. What I love about this is that you could wear this to run a quick errand or even as a beach cover-up if you wanted! I absolutely love the square neckline with the ruching detail just underneath. Honestly, this nightdress is literally the nightdress of my dreams. I am so happy with the way it turned out and I’m so excited to share it with you all today! Whether you’re a new mom trying to get better sleep with your newborn, or you just love a good nights’ sleep, I had you in mind when we were designing this dress.

One of my favorite things about working with Nina is that she is passionate about providing women a wide range of size options from XS to XXXL, so you can find this dress in those sizes and any in between! It retails for $112, which includes all taxes, and ships free to the U.S. and the U.K.! There is even a free express shipping option available! Also, for buying during our launch weekend, enjoy 10% off with code HALEY10 at checkout!

Ladies, I’m so excited to finally share this dress with you all! It’s one you will be wearing this night after night for months on end and for years and years to come!

Thanks to you all for always supporting these collaborations with brands. I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with and support a small business I believe in. Nina is a one-woman show. She works incredibly hard, as so many other small businesses do, so please know that your purchase is making a huge difference in someone’s life. We hope you enjoy this product and please do let us know how much better you sleep once you get your night dress in! xo.

Editor's Notes

This post was created in partnership with Nightire. I make a small commission on any Nightire x Haley night dress sales. All opinions are my own and your support is endlessly appreciated.


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