What I Love & Hate About the Chloe Large Woody Tote

Today, I’m excited to discuss what I love and hate about my Chloe Woody Tote bag! It’s been a bit since I’ve done a bag review. Because a designer bag is such an investment, you want to know every little detail about the bag you’re interested in before purchasing. However, it can sometimes be difficult to base your decision simply by the description on the retailer’s website, if you can’t go in person to purchase.

In the past, I’ve found that reading someone else’s personal account of purchasing and owning the bag is much more insightful than anything you can read on a retailer’s website. After all, you want to know how it wears, the practicality and if it’s worth the money.

A tote is a bag everyone should have in their closet. Whether for travel, work, a makeshift diaper bag or other times when you’re needing to carry more necessities than normal, a tote bag is the perfect option. The other two bags I like to have are an everyday bag like a crossbody or backpack style and a clutch for things like date nights, weddings and other time when you’re getting dressed up.

Here are the outfit details for today’s look!

About the Chloe Tote Bag

From a designer price tag standpoint, the Chloe Woody Tote is much more affordable compared to some of the other designer bags on the market. Some can go for $5,000 plus so, if you’ve been wanting a designer bag without spending thousands, this could be a great option.

The Chloe Woody Tote actually comes in four different sizes: mini, small, medium and large. So depending on your lifestyle and your needs for a handbag, you may like one size over the other. Additionally the bag comes in a variety of color variations and materials like linen and sherpa.

Below are the measurement details for the Large Chloe Woody Tote:

STRAP LENGTH: 17.7″w x 13″h x 5.2″d


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• Reasonably affordable compared to other designer handbags.

• Other totes have hard leather straps, but this tote has thick cloth straps. The straps are incredibly comfortable and don’t dig into your shoulders, which I love.

• The overall design is quite neutral and, therefore, versatile [will go with lots of outfits] and can be worn all year round.

• Sturdy design and high-quality craftsmanship. It can hold quite a bit of weight. 


• I don’t feel like it holds as many items as I’d hope it would for the price as it’s tall, but isn’t very wide.

• Since the bag is quite tall, it’s easy for it to feel bottomless. A bag organizer might be helpful.

• The strap length isn’t very long, so it’s hard to wear this tote on your shoulder. If the bag has a laptop in it and generally full, it’s really heavy to carry on your arm, in my opinion. I think I just prefer longer straps on a tote.

• I wouldn’t say it’s a flimsy bag. The canvas is strong and sturdy, but it still can’t stand on its own, which surprised me. You always have to set it against something when you put it down.

• Not as secure as other totes that I love to use being that it’s open and has no closure option.

Overall Thoughts About the Chloe Tote Bag

I love the overall design and appearance of the bag. It sophisticated and think it looks beautiful styled with casual or dressy looks. Because of the clean lines, leather accents and canvas, it looks like a very modern bag. However, I don’t find that I carry my Chloe Tote as much as my Louis Vuitton Neverfull or my Longchamp totes.

I hope this provides some more insight into the Chloe Tote, and helps you make the best decision on whether this bag is for you. 

Do you have a favorite designer bag? If so, which one do you love? Let me know in the comments below! xo.

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  1. Maria de Prado wrote:

    This is the worst bag ever, I have had it for a month, the liner is ungluing and it has bubbles everywhere. I sent it back to repair, came back exactly the same. You should not be recommending this bag. Worst quality ever,

    Published 10.30.23 · Reply
  2. paul mcmahon wrote:

    really useful review thank you.
    think my wife will feel like you do and will all use it less. hey, but she’s wants one.
    not sure which size to get though!

    Published 12.7.23 · Reply