My Top Tips + Picks Shopping The Nordstrom Sale

Well, hello! I can’t even fully believe that it’s that time of year — again! This is my tenth year shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it makes me wonder just how that is even possible! While I have some opinions about how the sale is now versus then, I do still feel like it provides shoppers with an incredible opportunity to save on beautiful, classic pieces you’ll have in your wardrobe for years. I feel this way because there are pieces I purchases from Nordstrom sale many years ago that have stood the test of time and I still opt to grab when I’m getting dressed throughout the year – especially basics, accessories, handbags, and anything cashmere!

Today, I thought I’d share some of the most important information to know going into this years’ Nordstrom sale, a few of my top tips, as well as a peek into what some of my top picks are for some of the main shopping categories there are within Nordstrom’s website. So, let’s do this!

Top Tips For Shopping the Sale

know the dates

One of my biggest pieces of advice is to, first, know the date you can start shopping. If you’re a Nordstrom card holder, login HERE to see what your tier status is and check the dates below to see when you can start shopping. The Nordstrom Sale will eventually be open to non-cardholders but, of course, they prioritize those who have invested in their brand. They shop first. Check out the dates and tiers below!

I will be submitting my order on July 9th so I’ll keep you posted on what I end up buying [I’ll likely share what’s on my wishlist next week so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter as my subscribers will find out first!]. I’m not shopping the sale in person this year and won’t be having anything shipped over to me. I’m just having my order delivered to my Dad’s and then, when I pop over to the States in August for a quick trip, I’ll pick it up then. So, I won’t be sharing any sizing tips or anything … just what I personally want to snag and what I think would be a worthy investment for my wardrobe!

shop online

Over the years, the one big takeaway I hear from people is that the Nordstrom Sale is overwhelming — and I agree! I guess that’s why I think influencers are really helpful during this sale. As much as I know, from your perspective, it might be annoying to feel like you see it everywhere and everyone seems to be sharing the same things … I do feel like it saves most people so much time! And, don’t we all need that sometimes, ha?

Personally, I think the best way to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is online. The stores are crowded and the lines are long. I feel like the areas in the stores where they have the Anniversary Sale items feel a bit claustrophobic, plus not everything that is really, really good from the sale can be found in stores so I just feel like it’s best to shop online.

know your wardrobes’ needs

Take ten minutes to look through your wardrobe and decide where some worthy investments are needed. Did you coat keep you warm last year? If not, consider a wool wrap coat. Did the wheel to your carry-on suitcase break recently? Are you wanting to invest in some good quality clean skincare and hair products? Make a list of these items, set a budget, then look to see what you have left over and either have fun with OR save the rest. It helps keep you focused while you shop because there are a lot of ‘shiny’ things that’ll try and distract you if you go in blind, so-to-speak.

curate a wishlist ahead of your shopping date

Even though you can only shop as early as your tier allows you to, something that can allow you to check out as quickly as possible on your shopping day, is by using the preview of the sale to your advantage and shop it all before it’s your turn to shop. One of my biggest tips has always been to create a wishlist of the items that you want to purchase. Then, when it’s go-time for you to shop, all you need to do is put the items in your cart and check out!

don’t stress

At the end of the day, this is just a sale and this is all just stuff. I know it’s nice to make investments to our wardrobe when we’ve been intentionally saving but, at the end of the day, if you miss out on something, just keep saving … maybe something better is going to come along soon! No need to lose sleep or contentment over it 🙂

Top Picks Per Department


I’m starting with basics because, let’s just call a spade a spade … those are the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe and it’s always nice to give those a little refresh every few years. So, if this is the year you’re needing to top those up, they’ve got some great options to consider in this years’ Nordstrom sale selections!

I couldn’t believe that they included this pair of Gucci sunglasses that I bought a few years ago. You can see me wearing them in THIS post and THIS post. They’re so good and now you guys can snag them at a much better price than I did!

Then, I’ve been eye-ing this pearl bracelet by Monica Vinader. It’s a new design so I’m shocked it’s included. You guys have been seeing me style her sister piece, the Nura necklace, over this past month so, I’m definitely putting it on my Wishlist for this year’s Nordstrom sale.

I bought the Reiss wrap coat last year as an upgrade from the MANGO one I had been wearing since 2020 and, wow! The quality is unmatched and is so beautiful. Plus, it kept me super warm during those colder months here so I highly recommend if you’re needing a good coat.


Okayyyy, slingbacks and mary-janes are having a moment and I am here for it! I am in love with all of these. They’re so cute. I want these brown mary-jane pumps and these brown suede boots so bad! I’m probably not going to go too crazy this year on shoes because, to be honest, I do have what I need in that department. But, wow, if you are needing a show refresh … these are all so beautiful and great ones to consider!

I’d also say consider this pair from Marc Fisher – you guys know I love a pointed toe situation – and this pair from Paige.

sweaters / cardigans

My picks are mostly centered around quality versus price. When I shopped the sale in years past, I used to try and get much as I could for as little as possible. I feel like I’ve outgrown that philosophy and, now, aim to buy higher quality pieces even if that means I’m buying fewer pieces. More doesn’t always mean better. I’ve found that the higher quality the item, the longer I have it in my wardrobe which, obviously, is better for the environment and is also better for me. While I love shopping, I don’t want to be searched for a replacement for everything every year or so.

So, these are the sweaters I felt had the highest quality fiber content as well as the most beautiful silhouettes. I see myself snagging this one and this one.


I can’t sing the praises of the Reiss wrap coat enough. I wish I had a photo of me wearing it and, actually, shocked that I don’t but it’s truly the best quality and flattering on literally everyone I’ve seen wear it. I also loooove the belted long vest. It might be impractical to some – and I can understand that as maybe you won’t get a ton of wear out of it – but, still, so chic! I bought this blazer last year and it fits so beautifully! Now, I just need to wear it more, hah! I try to be a blazer girly but, year after year, I find that I just don’t gravitate toward the style much.


YOU GUYS! You always say how much you love the jeans that I have in THIS silhouette. They’re not my exact ones but they ARE the exact silhouette! So, those went on my wishlist and I suggest they go on yours! I also adore the sailor wide-leg jeans and the black pull-on trousers. All of these would be so cute with the blazer I mentioned above and a white tee.


This category has some really good gems this year! This leather tote looks so much like the Cuyana one that I have and use everyday – but this one is much more affordable and I love the color! I got my Michele watch from the Nordstrom sale seven years ago and it’s still in exceptional shape. This one is a bit different, but I almost like it more than mine because it’s two-tine and mine is just silver. I love mixing metals so I’m tempted by this one, to be honest. Regardless, the brand is definitely worthy of making an investment in if you like the look of this watch.

As I mentioned under ‘Basics’, I have and love these Gucci sunglasses as well as this necklace from Monica Vinader.

And shhh … this classic Longchamp tote in Cognac is going on my wishlist. It’s not featured above because I wanted to keep some of my absolute faves under wraps just for my newsletter subscribers. Be sure to subscribe to get the full wishlist in your inbox next week ahead of the sale opening for Icons.


I have this puff jacket from Free People in two colors and I absolutely love it. It’s so cozy and warm and an easy throw on over your workout outfit. I want the white!!

If you’re going to be very pregnant by the time Fall and Winter roll around [maybe you just found out?], I can’t recommend these maternity leggings enough. I tried out so many and these were the best!

Wimbledon is upon us and I’m sooo keen to learn how to play, just for fun! So, I’m eyeing this tennis skort!


Loungewear is usually one of my favorite categories to shop during the sale but it didn’t wow me this year! I feel like there wasn’t anything new or that I hadn’t seen in their selection from years’ past. It’s always the same stuff but, here’s what stood out to me.

The one that I would probably put in my cart is the cognac jogger and matching top set. I did buy this set last year though and I still love it.


There were some really great new brands featured this year in the intimates department! Check out On Gossamer. I had never heard of them before but they’ve got some great bras and underwear sets! And then, of course, if you’re in need … be sure to refresh your undies & bralettes from Chantelle and True & Co. They’re always the best and wash so well!


If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I love these Beis suitcases. I need a large one because mine, after five years, finally lost functionality in one of the wheels, ha. But, this year, the sale includes a super cute pink carry-on spinner.  I also can’t recommend the Doona stroller enough for those of you who are pregnant or have littles under one-year old. These are absolutely incredible for travel! Easy to install in any car and can be installed into a seat on an airplane. Super lightweight, as well!!


I always love seeing what they include in the beauty section each year. I loved seeing so many of my favorite clean brands included this year like OSEA Malibu, Aveda, Necessaire and more! My GHD curling wand is included and I can’t sing it’s praises enough along with my favorite melt-away cleansing balm by Elemis.

I also love these Simple Human Mirrors and they’re included this year, too.


Okay, the home department made me sooo sad because there are so many good things that just don’t make sense for me to buy being that we live in the U.K. butI loved seeing Piglet In Bed featured. It’s a UK brand that I guess is making it’s way abroad. Louie’s duvet cover is by them so be sure to check out the selection of theirs included in the sale. I also really want to buy the Pura plug-in diffuser sets that are featured. I think the Studio McGee one would smell amazingggg – I love Clary Sage so that’s the one I’d personally go with. I also think this is a great time to think about whether you need a towel refresh, a new shower curtain, or bedsheets. So, think those through and check out the ones I personally thought were cute!

Alright, that is all I’ve got for you today! I’m going to be sharing my Wishlist picks with my newsletter subscribers next week so be sure to subscribe here if you haven’t already! I’ll also be sending a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Lookbook, which will include 100+ looks exclusively made up of pieces from the sale so you don’t want to miss that! Have a great weekend! xo.




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