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Answering Your Questions About The Enneagram

Hey friends, happy Friday! If you're new around here, you might not...

Enneagram 101: What It is & Why It’s Useful

Ohhh, the Enneagram ... a topic that I not only LOVE discussing...

My Favorite Ways to Start the Year Off Right

Hi, ladies! I hope you girls aren't burnt out on New Year's...

Ten Ways To Take Advantage of This Time

Hey friends! I wanted to take today's post as an opportunity to...

IG Roundup, Weekend Sales, Top Selling Products

Would you beLEAF it if i told you my sweet Dad took...

Question & Answer with Mr. London

Hi there, lovelies! A few weeks ago, while John and I were...

Five Gifts I’m Thankful For That Weren’t Under the Tree

Hi friends! Even though Christmas is well behind us at this point,...

Q&A Tuesday + Adorable White Romper for Summer

Hi friends! I am so excited for today's post! Q&A's are so...


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