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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

“Any man can be a Dad, but it takes someone special to be a father.”  Father's Day is such a great way to show appreciation...

What I’m Looking For In A Future Husband

Hey friends! Happy Monday! Yesterday, I asked y'all to submit some questions...

My Favorite Amazon Purchases So Far This Year

What would we do without Amazon? Over the past couple of years,...

3 Things I’m Doing To Stress Less in 2019

Hey there, lovelies! Earlier this month, I shared some honest thoughts about...

My Focus Word for 2019

Hey there, friends! Happy Thursday! Have you ever chosen a focus word...

Five Gifts I’m Thankful For That Weren’t Under the Tree

Hi friends! Even though Christmas is well behind us at this point,...


  • Raise your coffee mug if your Monday has ALSO required
  • Goodnight from London! Its been a long 24 hours and
  • Happy Tuesday friends! What deals did you take advantage of
  • Im LIVING for so many of the products included in
  • RESTOCK ALERT! As I was prepping for Fridays public sale
  • How did yall fair today for public access? I hope
  • All smiles over all the good deals in the activewear
  • My next nordstromanniversarysale package came in today and love that
  • Running on fumes No makeup Delayed flights Missed flights Thats
  • Alright its almost go time! Public Access gals you ready?

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