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What You’ll Always Find in my Handbag

Have you ever been curious about what someone carries in their handbag? I find it so funny that we're all pretty interested in taking peeks...

Where To Snag Your Last-Minute Halloween Necessities

Halloween is always that one holiday that creeps up on me. Does...

Ten Ways to Practice Self-Care This Fall

Like most of us, I go through ups and downs with self-care....

Enneagram 101: What It is & Why It’s Useful

Ohhh, the Enneagram ... a topic that I not only LOVE discussing...

Where I Snagged All My Game Day Hosting Gear

Hey there, friends! I don't know about you but football is in...

What I’m Looking For In A Future Husband

Hey friends! Happy Monday! Yesterday, I asked y'all to submit some questions...

My Favorite Amazon Purchases So Far This Year

What would we do without Amazon? Over the past couple of years,...

3 Things I’m Doing To Stress Less in 2019

Hey there, lovelies! Earlier this month, I shared some honest thoughts about...

My Focus Word for 2019

Hey there, friends! Happy Thursday! Have you ever chosen a focus word...


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