The Caribbean

What to pack

Let your hair down and bring lots of flowy dresses and island inspired accessories!

Know before you go

Haley's Top 5 Tips:

  • Bermuda’s beaches have some pretty intense rocks and a lot of them can be climbed, so be sure to bring some well-made sandals if you’re someone who likes to go the extra mile to check out an amazing view.
  • In St. Thomas, be sure to enjoy a sunset catamaran ride on the Ritz Carlton’s Lady Lynsey. Its crew takes it out a few times a week to do sunset rides over to St. John or out to a good snorkel spot.
  • If you go in March, like I did, definitely bring a sweater and cardigan! It was pretty windy and not super warm when the sun isn’t out. Last, but not least, don’t forget your passport as Bermuda is owned by the British government!
  • Every building in St. George, Bermuda is a different bright color and is a gold mine for color-loving Instagrammers!
  • Tobacco Bay in Bermuda is a can’t-miss!