Amalfi Coast

What to pack

The vast difference in land and sea of this area encourages a variety of activities for its guests! See the packing list for more but here's a start!

Know before you go

Haley's Top 5 Tips:

  • It’s hard to say where the best place to stay along the Amalfi Coast is as it completely depends on the traveler. Head to my Amalfi Coast FAQ post to learn more about each of the major cities to see which one might suit you best!
  • The views of the Amalfi Coast, in my opinion, are best from outside of the main cities so grab a drink at Il San Pietro Hotel just outside of Positano and hike the Path of the Gods to see if you can discern where the sea meets the sky.
  • This area is hilly so pack comfortable shoes! You can leave your wedges at home, ladies.
  • If you choose to visit the Amalfi Coast from Memorial Day onward through the end of August, making reservations at beach clubs, restaurants, and tours are highly, highly suggested! This is a destination that has more tourists than actual Italians so, everyone’ fighting for a spot! The better planner you are, the better your trip will be.
  • Do not miss Casa e Bottega for breakfast or lunch! While the area is full of amazing Italian cuisine, this spot was a much lighter, healthy option that was quite refreshing after a few days of constant carb-loading!

If your trip to the Amalfi Coast involves other areas of Italy, such as Rome, Florence or Venice, head to my other Italy travel guide!