What to pack

No matter when you go to London, it’s best to stick to the classics and always bring an umbrella! Just in case!

Know before you go

Haley's Top 5 Tips:

  • London is a massive city but locals don’t shy away from the busiest parts just because there are tourists. With that said, restaurants are always packed. So, be sure to make dinner reservations during your trip! Otherwise, you will wait awhile for a table. Refer to my restaurant guide for my insight on the London’s best eateries!
  • The British are very polite and well-mannered. Remember this when dining in nice restaurants. They are also a little more ‘to themselves’ than Americans. It takes them time to warm up to people so don’t mistake that for rudeness.
  • The easiest way to navigate a large city like London is with an app called CityMapper! That goes for most other large cities throughout the world but it was especially helpful to me while I was living in London.
  • Be aware that sometimes, the distance between two tube stops is a 5-minute walk [i.e. Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square] so keep that in mind when deciding to take the tube or going down into a busier tube station. For example, if I’m in Piccadilly Circus and I want to get to Covent Garden, I would suggest walking. Both tube stations are always busy and it’s only a 10-minute walk.
  • It may seem surprising but you actually don’t need to dress up to attend a show in the West End. Jeans and sneakers are welcome!